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Mistaken Pieces: A HP Future-gen RPG
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HP Future Generation RPG
Update: A calendar of events can now be found here.

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Mistaken Pieces is a Harry Potter Future Generation role play that began in Albus Potter's third year at Hogwarts (it's now his fourth year). Over the years, the wizarding world has returned to a state even better than how it was before Voldemort's return.

With the help of Hermione and others like her, pureblood prejudice is being written out of the laws of the Ministry, and fairer treatment is being given to magical beings and creatures.

Slowly but surely, the pieces are beginning to fall into place, and a more ideal world is forming.

The ideal is never quite possible, however. Amid the hard-working individuals who are putting their lives and world back together are those who don't want Harry Potter's ideal world. These are the pieces of the puzzle who live as those who they are not -- those who practice good citizenry but who in reality work behind the scenes to undermine all that has been built.

Though the Ministry is far more competent than it has been in the past, these mistaken pieces of the puzzle are a serious threat.

The children of Harry Potter and the others of that time have never experienced the first-hand suspicion and fear that those around them could be working for a Dark Lord. Inter-House relations at Hogwarts are at an all-time high (with exceptions, of course), and the thought of anything worse than a harmless grudge are far from the children's minds.

There are those who plan to see this change very soon.

Hoping to establish stronger ties with the wizarding world in general, the Ministry has once again instated the Tri-Wizard tournament. Despite initial reluctance over the tournament's safety record, things seem to be going well with two of the three tasks complete and Beauxbaton's champion currently leading in points. Yet as things continue smoothly at Hogwarts with summer and the final task approaching, darker things are being set in motion in wizarding London.

The European Quidditch Cup is set to be held in July and certain circles have been spreading rumors. Those who are against the Ministry are ready to act, and a meeting is to be held during the Cup to decide on the best course of action. With some of the most influential pureblood families stepping forward to stop what the wizarding world has been achieving, only time will tell whether the new and improved Ministry will stand or fall.


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